I took my first real photograph when I was 18 years old. It was with my Agfamatic camera and was of a little stream in the forest, in the Dutch polder where I grew up. Since then, taking photos has become a great adventure for me. Photography gives me meaning and reason to look around me; I always have a camera around my neck, looking and seeing.

My photo journeys can bring me to places far away, the city I work in, or my back garden. I am a passionate traveller and have been privileged to visit five continents. My portfolio includes work from Brussels, Belfast, India, South-east Asia and South America some of which features on my website. For me it’s all about being amazed, catching the moment and developing and printing the image in a crafted way.
All my photos are shot on film and my black and white work is printed on fibre based paper. Print making in the darkroom is an integral part of my being a photographer.

I am always on the look out for an exhibition space and ways to publish my work, as I know that my photographs are best in print.
Along with taking photos, I share my love for photography by teaching students from all walks of life, helping to spread the photography virus!

I would love to think that I can change the world with photography, even if it is just a little bit.

Photography Biography - in brief
Born - in 1958, de Steeg, Netherlands
Education - self taught
Influences - Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier Bresson, Bill Brandt, Andre Kertesz
High points - every time I press the button
Low points - the business side of photography